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What is Jerusalem 6 The New Testament?
        Jerusalem in N.T. Times. - Jerusalem, in the time of our Lord, stood in all the strength and grandeur to which it had been brought by Herod. This king died a few months after the birth of Jesus, but the royal palace, the renewed temple, the fortress of Antonia, built from the older Baris tower, the grand theatre where games were instituted in honor of Caesar, the three great towers of Hippicus, Phasaelus, and Mariamne, the bridge of Herod, between the upper city and what had been a portion of Solomon's palace, - these magnificent structures of Herod remained. The ruin Robinson's Arch now known as "Robinson's Arch" is a part of the bridge of Herod. Except the aqueduct built under Pilate for the better supply of the city with water, no important improvements were made from the time of Herod the Great until the reign of his grandson, Herod Agrippa, a.d. 41. The second wall enclosed the northern part of the central valley of the city; beyond this lay Bezetha, or "new town," which Agrippa enclosed by a third wall, that doubled the size of the city. After his death Judaea again became simply a Roman province, ruled by reckless and oppressive procurators, and Jerusalem was the scene of discontent, insurrections, riots, and petty rebellions, until Vespasian and Titus began a war to put down the insurrection. Jerusalem was besieged. The terrible sufferings and agony of the Jews shut up in the invested city, the loss of upward of 1,000,000 lives in the siege, the complete destruction of the city, a.d. 70, form one of the darkest pages in the history of this remarkable people. The rebellion was kept up for about 3 years after the fall of the city, when the Jewish power was completely destroyed and the Jews denied access to their ancient capital.

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