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What is Jerusalem 1 The Jebusites?
        In respect to the identity of Salem, of which Melchizedek was king. Gen 14:18, with Jerusalem, the weight of authorities is about equally divided in favor of and against it. An incidental proof in favor of this theory is supposed to be found in Ps 76:2, and it was held by Josephus, Eusebius, and many later scholars. The earliest definite notice of Jerusalem is found in the description of the boundaries of Judah and Benjamin, where it is called Jebusi, after the people who inhabited it. See Josh 15:8; Josh 18:16, Josh 18:28. The Jebusites still held the city after the conquest of the land under Joshua, Josh 15:63, but soon after his death the children of Judah besieged the city, took it and burned it, and destroyed its king, Adoni-bezek, Jud 1:7-8; yet it would appear from Jud 1:21 that the entire city was not subdued, and Josephus states that the siege lasted some time, that the lower city only was taken, and that the upper city was so strong, from its walls and the nature of the place, that they abandoned the attempt of completing the capture. Compare Jud 19:10-11. Through the rule of the Judges and the reign of Saul the stronghold continued in the possession of the Jebusites. After David became king of all Israel he made Jerusalem his capital, and the city of the Jebusites was taken by his chief captain, Joab; it was called "the stronghold of Zion," or "the city of David." 2 Sam 5:7; 1 Chr 11:6. From this time the rising grandeur and glory of Jerusalem as the seat of one of the noted empires of the East caused the city to take rank along with Nineveh, Babylon, and Tyre.

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