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Who is Jehoiada?
        (whom Jehovah knows). 1. The father of Benaiah, 1, which see. 2 Sam 8:18; 1 Kgs 1:32 ff.; 1 Chr 18:17. This Jehoiada was the chief priest, 1 Chr 27:5, and therefore he was the leader of the priests who came to David at Hebron. 1 Chr 12:27. By a copyist's error, Benaiah is said to have been the father of Jehoiada instead of the son. 1 Chr 27:34. 2. A high priest of the Jews, and husband of Jehosheba. 2 Kgs 11:4. See Athaliah and Joash. His administration was so auspicious to the civil and religious interests of the nation, 2 Kgs 12:2; 2 Chr 23:16, that when he died, at an advanced age, he was buried in the royal sepulchres at Jerusalem. 2 Chr 24:16. Many do not accept the age of 132 years assigned to him, for the reason that if he lived so long, then, when he married the daughter of Jehoram, he must have been 80, while Jehoram was only 32, It has been proposed to read "83" instead. 3. The second priest in the reign of Zedekiah. Jer 29:25-29. 1. One who helped repair the wall. Neh 3:6.

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