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Who is Jedaiah?
        (praise Jehovah). A. 1. A Simeonite, ancestor of Ziza, a chief of his tribe. 1 Chr 4:37. 2. One who helped repair the wall. Neh 3:10. B. The same name in the A.V., but different in the Hebrew, meaning Jehovah cares for him. 1. The head of the second course of priests, 1 Chr 24:7. "Most probably this course or the representative of it, divided afterward into two branches, is intended in 1 Chr 9:10; Ezr 2:36; Neh 7:39; Neh 11:10; Neh 12:6-7, Neh 12:19, Neh 12:21." --Ayre. 2. One who returned from Babylon, to whom a memorial crown was given. Zech 6:10, Zech 6:14.

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