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What is Jarmuth?
     1. A town in the low country of Judah. Josh 15:35. Its king, Piram, was one of the five who conspired to punish Gibeon for having made alliance with Israel, and who were defeated at Beth-horon and were hanged by Joshua at Makkedah. Josh 12:11; Josh 15:35. It was peopled after the Captivity. Neh 11:29. It is identified with Yarmak, 16 miles south-west of Jerusalem, on the crest of a rocky ridge, where hewn blocks of stone and other ruins of a town are found. 1. A city of Issachar, allotted with its suburbs to the Gershonite Levites, Josh 21:29, and called Reneth and Ramoth. Josh 19:21; 1 Chr 6:73. Conder proposes to identify it with Rameh.

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