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Who is Jael?
        (mountain-goat), the wife of Heber the Kenite. Jud 4:17. After the defeat of Jabin's army by Deborah and Barak, Sisera, the general, fled toward her tent, because Heber and Jabin were at peace. It was not unusual for the women to have a tent separate from the men, as in Sarah's case, Gen 24:67, and Leah's. Gen 31:33. This was a place of security, for then as now among the Arabs a stranger would not venture into the women's tent unasked. Jael invited him in, and concealed him. Fatigued and thirsty, he asked for water, and she gave him buttermilk, which greatly refreshed him. After instructing Jael to stand at the door of the tent, and to deny that he was within if any one should inquire for him, he fell into a sound sleep. She then took a tent-pin, and with a hammer drove it through his temples into the ground. Jud 4:21. Her act was treacherous, cowardly, and inhuman. It causes only a momentary perplexity, as we have no warrant for supposing her divinely commissioned. Hence, although Deborah appears to praise her in her song, Jud 5:24-27, she does not express any approval of the act upon moral grounds. Jael was a murderess from the Christian standpoint, and at best we can only justify her act by emphasizing the barbarity of her time and the usage of warfare, which is organized cruelty.

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