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What is Jabneel?
        (Jehovah causes to be built). 1. A town of Judah; called also Jabneh. Josh 15:11; 2 Chr 26:6. Uzziah captured it from the Philistines and destroyed its fortifications. It was noted during the wars of the Maccabees, and called by Josephus, Jamnia. It was a large and populous place, and after the destruction of Jerusalem was for some time the seat of a famous Jewish school of learning and of the Sanhedrin. It is identified with Yebnah, a considerable village about 3 miles from the Mediterranean and 12 miles south of Joppa. The Crusaders built a fortress here, of which the ruins still remain. A tomb is shown, reputed as the tomb of Gamaliel, a descendant of the noted Gamaliel who instructed Paul. There are the ruins of an ancient church. The port of Yebnah is naturally one of the best on the coast of Palestine below Csesarea, but there are dangerous reefs hidden beneath the waters. 2. A place in Naphtali, Josh 19:33; called, in the Talmud, Caphar Yama. Conder identifies it with Yemma, 4 miles south-west of the Sea of Galilee.

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