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What is Hay?
        , Prov 27:25. We are not to suppose that this word, as used in the Bible, denotes dried grass, as it does with us. The management of grass by the Hebrews as food for cattle was entirely different from ours. It was never dried and stored for winter use, but was cut green as it was wanted; and the phrase "mown grass," Ps 72:6, would be more properly rendered "grass that has just been fed off." So in Prov 27:25 the word translated "hay" means the first shoots of the grass; and the whole passage might properly be rendered, "The grass appeareth, and the green herb showeth itself, and the plants of the mountains are gathered." And in Isa 15:6 "hay" is put for "grass," and "grass" is put for the "green herb." The tenderness of grass, the rapidity of its growth, and the early period at which it is cut down and consumed afford the sacred writers some striking and beautiful illustrations. Ps 103:15; Isa 40:6; Jas 1:11. See Mowings.

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