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Who is Hashabiah?
        (whom Jehovah regards). 1, 2, Merarite Levites. 1 Chr 6:45; 1 Chr 9:14. 3, The head of the twelfth course of Levitical musicians, 1 Chr 25:3, 1 Chr 25:19. 4, A Hebronite Levite, 1 Chr 26:30, 5. Prince of the tribe of Levi in David's time, 1 Chr 27:17. 1. A chief Levite in Josiah's time, 2 Chr 35:9. 2. A Merarite Levite who accompanied Ezra from Babylon, Ezr 8:19. 3. A priest in the same company, Ezr 8:24, 4. A repairer of the wall, Neh 3:17. 5. A Levite who sealed the covenant, Neh 10:11. 6. A Levite, Neh 11:22, 7. A Levite, Neh 11:15, 8. A priest, Neh 12:24.

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