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Who is Haruz?
        (zealous), the maternal grandfather of King Amon, 2 Kgs 21:19. HAR'VEST occurred in the months of March and April, and the term is frequently employed to designate this season of the year. Josh 3:15; Prov 6:8. The harvests of the different grains happened in regular succession, and are known as the "wheat-harvest," 1 Sam 12:17, and the "barley-harvest," Ruth 1:22. The grain was reaped with sickles, Jer 50:16, gathered in handfuls, Ruth 2:16, and done up into sheaves. Ps 129:7. It was then conveyed to the barns or threshing-floors, sometimes in carts. Am 2:13, where it was threshed or winnowed. One mode of threshing was by the treading of oxen, which it was forbidden to muzzle, Deut 25:4. Harvest was a season of great joy and merriment, Isa 9:3. In the book of Ruth we pass through it as in a panoramic vision. In the N.T. our Lord refers to the end of the world under the term of harvest. Matt 13:39, whose reapers will be the angels. The angel is represented figuratively as at that time thrusting in his sickle, "for the harvest of the earth is ripe," Rev 14:15. Feast of. See Pentecost.

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