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What are Fringes?
        , a part of the outer garment, and the same as the hem or border of the garment. Deut 22:12; Matt 9:20; Matt 14:36. See Clothes. The children of Israel were enjoined to wear them by Moses, Num 15:38, and to place them on the four borders or edges of their outer garment, which was usually rectangular in shape. They were of a blue color. The object of the fringes was to remind the children of Israel of the commandments of God. Num 15:39. In the time of our Lord they had become objects of parade and show, so that he finds an evidence of the hypocrisy of the Pharisees in their practice of "enlarging the borders of their garments." The "hem of the garment" which the woman with the issue of blood touched. Matt 9:20, was the ancient fringe enjoined by Moses. They became with time, as did the rolls containing the Scriptures, phylacteries, and other things, objects of superstitious regard, and a Jewish commentator on Num. 15 says that any man clothed with this fringe is safe, and shall be delivered from all hurt and destruction.

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