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What is a Flea?
        , a small insect mentioned as the most insignificant of creatures. 1 Sam 24:14; 1 Sam 26:20. Residents and travellers in warm climates are too well acquainted with it. FLESH is used figuratively for everything living, Gen 6:13, Gen 6:17, Gen 6:19; sometimes mankind, Zech 6:12; sometimes the body as distinguished from the soul or spirit. Col 2:5; 1 Pet 4:6. In a theological sense, "the flesh" is the natural man. including the unrenewed will and mind, moving in the world of self and sense only. Rom 7:6; Neh 8:1, Song of Solomon 8:5, Rom 8:9; Gal 5:17, Gal 5:19; Eph 2:3. Self-imposed ordinances gratify the flesh -- i.e, self -- whilst seemingly mortifying it.

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