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Who is Ezri?
        (help of Jehovah), David's superintendent of those who "did the work of the field." 1 Chr 27:26. __________________________________________________________________ F. FA'BLE is a form of narrative in which plants and animals, or even lifeless objects, are represented as endowed with some of the attributes of man, as the gift of speech and rational action. Sometimes the fable is designed to teach moral and practical truths, and sometimes only to interest and entertain. It differs from the parable in this: what the fable relates is not real and cannot occur, as trees speaking, Jud 9:8; while that which the parable relates may and does take place, as the sower sowing seed in soil of various degrees of productiveness. Matt 13:3. The fable was often used in ancient heathen as in modern Christian literature. In the Bible there is only one fable, Jud 9:7-15, where Jotham represents the trees as seeking a king and asking, one by one, the olive and others to reign over them, till the bramble finally consents. This is often erroneously called a parable. Fables are referred to in the N.T., 1 Tim 1:4, etc., as "cunningly devised," etc. Here "fables" mean false stories or foolish systems and opinions.

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