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What is Erech?
        (enduring), a city of Nimrod. Gen 10:10. Its people are called Achevites and noticed in connection with the Babylonians. Ezr 4:9, Jerome identifies Erech with Edessa, in Mesopotamia: others identity it with Orchoe or Orech of the Greek and Roman geographers. It corresponded to modern Warka, about 120 miles south-east of Babylon, where there are ruins of ancient buildings, and a rampart of earth nearly 6 miles in circumference and some places 40 feet high. There are ruins of three considerable buildings, the most important one being 200 feet square and about 100 feet high. Many of the bricks bear the name of Urukh, a king who is said to have lived about b.c. 2250. Warka is desolate -- a city of tombs which even the jackal and hyena appear to shun.

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