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Who is Enoch?
        (initiating). 1. A son of Cain, after whom he named a "city," the first-mentioned city in the Bible. Gen 4:17; Heb 11:5. 1. The son of Jared, and father of Methusaleh. Gen 5:18, Gen 5:21-24. He is called "the seventh from Adam," Jude 14, to distinguish him from the son of Cain, third from Adam. We are told that he "walked with God" -- an expressive figure to denote the closest communion with the divine Being and entire conformity to his will. And concerning his departure from the world, we are told that "he was not, for God took him " -- a phrase which imports a mere change of residence, without suffering the ordinary dissolution of the body. In this case, as well as in Elijah's, the body was clothed with immortality, or endued with the immortal principle by the immediate power of God. 1 Cor 15:50. Enoch, Book of. There is only one reference in the Bible, Jude 14, to Enoch as a prophet, but an Apocryphal book called after him was well known to the early fathers. It was then lost to the knowledge of Europe, except in fragments, until Bruce, in 1773, brought from Abyssinia three manuscript copies containing the complete AEthiopic translation. Archbishop Lawrence made an English translation of the book, which was the basis of various subsequent editions, which were rendered comparatively worthless when, in 1851, Dr. Dillmann published a new edition of the AEthiopio text, and in 1853 a German translation. "The book consists of a series of revelations supposed to have been given to Enoch and Noah, which extend to the most varied aspects of nature and life, and are designed to offer a complete vindication of the action of Providence." It was never received by the Jews nor by the fathers as inspired. The authorship and date are unknown.

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