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What is En-gedi?
        (fountain of the kid), a place in Judah. on the west side of the Dead Sea, Josh 15:62; Eze 47:10, about midway between its northern and southern ends. History.-En-gedi was first called Hazezon-tamar. Gen 14:7; 2 Chr 20:2; it was David's hiding-place from Saul, 1 Sam 23:29; 1 Sam 24:1, and where David cut off the skirt of Saul's robe, 1 Sam 24:4; its vineyards are mentioned. Song of Solomon 1:14; now called 'Ain Jidy, near which there is a thermal spring, about 1 mile from the seashore and from 330 to 500 feet above the sea, and about 1200 below the top of the cliffs. The ancient city was probably on the slope below the spring, where there are a few ruins.

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