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What is the Elect?
        The Greek word (eklektus) for "elect" or "chosen" comes from a verb meaning "to choose." It is applied to persons or things. Luke 14:7; John 6:70. The verb is uniformly translated in A.V. "choose," but the adjective both "chosen" and "elect." Luke 23:35; cf. Luke 18:7. Choice implies preference, hence approval, favor, delight, as in Luke 23:35 the Messiah is called "the chosen of God " -- i.e. the One in whom God takes pleasure. The elect in N.T. usage are those chosen of God unto salvation, who therefore enjoy his favor and lead a holy life in communion with him. Matt 24:22; Mark 13:27; Luke 18:7; Rom 8:33; Tit 1:1. Paul once speaks of "the election," Rom 11:7, instead of "the elect," just as he says "the circumcision" instead of "the circumcised." Rom 2:26. In Matt 22:14 the calling of God is distinguished from the choosing of God: "Many are called, but few are chosen." All are called who hear the sound of the gospel and are invited to accept its terms of salvation, but those only are chosen who repent and believe and persevere to the end. Elect Lady. 2 John 1. This title is applied by John to some eminent Christian woman, or else it was a figurative expression denoting a Christian church.

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