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What is Cana?
        , a town noted as the scene of Christ's first miracle, John 2:1-11, and of another miracle, Deut 4:46, and as the home of Nathanael. John 21:2. Tradition places it at Kefr-Kenna, about four English miles north-east of Nazareth, and the traveller is now shown an earthen jar, is claimed to be one of the water-jars used at the wedding. Robinson and others, with less probability, identify Cana with Kana-el-Jelil, about 9 miles north of Nazareth. It has a fine situation, and the ruins indicate the existence in former times of a CAN CAN considerable village. Conder suggests a new location, and proposes to place Cana at Reiach, north-east of Nazareth, and only one and a half miles distant. -- CONDER: Tent-Work in Palestine, 1878, i. p. 154. This lacks confirmation.

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