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What is Brimstone?
     Ps 11:6. Sulphur, a well-known mineral substance, exceedingly inflammable, and which when burning emits a suffocating smell. We are told that the cities of the plain were destroyed by a rain of fire and brimstone. There is nothing incredible in this, even if we suppose only natural agencies were employed. Like many other travellers, the writer has pieces of pure sulphur and of asphalt or mineral pitch, both found in that vicinity in abundance and highly inflammable. Volcanic action might easily have filled the air with inflammable substances, falling down in streams of liquid fire upon those devoted cities. This word is often figuratively employed. Job 18:15; Isa 34:9; Rev 21:8. Whether the word is used literally or not in the passages which describe the future sufferings of the wicked, we may be sure that it expresses terrible punishment.

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