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What are Brick?
        , Gen 11:3, was a building material among the Jews, but the size of their bricks was much larger than that of ours. Bricks found among the ruins of Babylon are a foot square, and resemble tile rather than brick. They were usually hardened by the heat of the sun, although kilns were not unknown. 2 Sam 12:3; Jer 43:9; Nah 3:14. Egyptian Brick stamped witli the oval of Thothmes III. (British Museum. Ayre.) In lower Egypt many pictures on the walls represent the Jews making bricks under the lash of the Egyptian taskmasters, in confirmation Assyrian Brick from Nimroud, inscribed with Shalmaneser's Name and Title. (Ayre.) of the account in the book of Exodus 1:11; Exodus 5:7-14. Jews and Captives making Bricks in Egypt.

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