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What is Bra bee bracelet?
     An ornament (chain or clasp) worn on the arm by Bracelets. (British Museum. From Ayre.) 1. Gold Egyptian Bracelets. 2. Silver Bracelet. 3. Bronze, with Bell attached, taken from Mummy of a Girl. 4. Iron, with Cornelian Setting. 5. Bracelet of Cowries. both sexes. Gen 24:30. Among Eastern princesses it is a badge of royalty, and was probably regarded as such in the time of David. 2 Sam 1:10. The royal bracelet was of much richer materials, and was worn above the elbow; Assyrian Bracelets. (From Nineveh Marbles. Ayre.) the common bracelet was worn on the wrist. Eze 16:11.

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