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What is Bozrah?
        (fortress), two cities. 1. Bozrah in Edoin, Isa 34:6; Isa 63:1, which was to become a perpetual waste, Jer 49:13; Am 1:12; Mic 2:12; modern Buseirah, in the mountains of Petra, 20 miles south-east of the Dead Sea. 1. Bozrah in Moab. Jer 48:24. Judgment has surely fallen upon it. Porter thinks it the same as modern Buzrah, where are the ruins of a magnificent city nearly 5 miles in circuit, once having 100,000 inhabitants, but now only 20 families. It is near the Hauran, 60 miles south of Damascus. Portions of its massive walls and towers, theatre, temples, stone doors and roofs, some of the ruins of the work of the early inhabitants. perhaps the giants Bephaim, and more of the work of later Roman builders, are still to be seen in good state of preservation. Bozrah at one time had 17 bishops under its archbishop.

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