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What is the Book of Exodus?
        the second book of the Pentateuch. The word is Greek for "going out" or "departing," and is an appropriate title to the book, which contains an account of the going out of the Israelites from the land of Egypt. It may be divided into two parts:

        1. The historical, chs. 1-18:27; 2. The legislative, ch. 19 to the end. 1. In the historical portion we have an account of the depressed condition of the people under the king "who knew not Joseph" (Rameses II.), the birth, education, flight, and return of Moses, the attempts, at first disastrous to the Hebrews, to secure the king's permission to their temporary exodus, the plagues wrought by the Lord's power, culminating in the death of the firstborn, the journey of the Israelites from Goshen to Sinai, with all the important incidents and miracles. This portion closes with the Israelites before Mount Sinai, encamped upon the ground they were to occupy for a year.

        2. In the legislative part are related the giving of the Law, and the sin of the golden calf; then follow the text of the ten commandments, the various laws for the governance of the people, the full directions for the priesthood and all their appointments. And lastly there are described the erection of the tabernacle and the inauguration of the service. In this book the Bible is brought into contact with Egyptology and much light has been thrown upon it from modern discoveries and researches confirming the Mosaic narrative. See Pentateuch.

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