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What is the Book of Amos?
        is the thirtieth in the order of the books of the Old Testament, and is full of interest and instruction. It may be considered as a sort of continuation of Joel's. It is a unit. It begins with the declaration of God's judgments against Israel's neighbors. But in this storm of fury Judah does not escape while Israel stands the brunt of it. Am 1-2:6. The sins of Israel are rebuked. Am 2:6-6:14. The rebukes are followed by a series of symbols, which are interpreted. Am 7:1-9:7. But the book closes with the promise of good. The "tabernacle of David" is to be restored. Thus the beauty and perpetuity of the Christian Church are foretold. It has been remarked as a peculiar feature of this prophecy that it abounds with illustrations drawn from husbandry and the scenes of rustic life; it certainly contains some of the most perfect specimens of sublime thought and beautiful expression that are to be found in any language.

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