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What is Blood?
         is the fluid of life in the animal body. Ex 29:12. Its use was expressly prohibited to Noah when everything else was freely given him. Gen 9:4. By the Jewish law also it was expressly and solemnly forbidden. Lev 17:10, etc. The reason of this interdiction is probably because blood was sacredly appropriated. Lev 17:11. The Jewish ritual abounds with the use of blood, Heb 9:22; and the manner of employing it is stated with minuteness in Heb 9:1-10:39, where also its use and effects are shown in striking contrast with the blood shed upon the cross. See also Acts 20:28; Rom 5:9; Eph 1:7; Col 1:14; Heb 7:27; 1 John 1:7. The prohibition of eating blood or animals that are strangled has been always rigidly observed by the Jews. In the Christian Church the custom of refraining from things strangled and from blood continued for a long time. In the council of the apostles held at Jerusalem, Acts 15, it was declared that converts from paganism should not be subject to the legal ceremonies, but that they should refrain from idolatry, from fornication, from eating blood, and from such animals as were strangled and their blood thereby retained in their bodies: which precept was observed for many ages by the Church. Acts 15:20-29. The notion that the blood of the victims was peculiarly sacred to the gods is impressed on all ancient pagan mythology. See Christ. Blood, Avenger of. See Avenger, Cities of Refuge.

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