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What is Blasphemy?
     Col 3:8. The word, in its original use, denotes all manner of detraction or calumny, such as is expressed by the terms rail, revile, speak evil, etc.; but in the restricted sense of the Scriptures and of common use, it denotes reproachful, irreverent, or insulting language concerning God or any of his names or attributes. Lev 24:10-16. Whoever thinks of the character of God as infinitely holy, just, and good will not be surprised that this offence was regarded as very heinous, and was punished by stoning. There is no reason to suppose that the sin of profane swearing, so common at this day, is less odious and offensive to God than it was in the time of Moses. Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, Matt 12:32, such as the Pharisees were guilty of or were in danger of committing, when they ascribed the miracle of curing the blind and dumb man (who was also possessed with a demon) to the agency of Beelzebub or Satan, is declared to be unpardonable. It is far worse than ''grieving the Spirit." Some persons are apprehensive that they have committed this sin and give themselves up to despair, but such fears prove that they are still open to recovery and pardon. The sin against the Holy Ghost implies a state of final and hopeless impenitence, and is committed by those who have again and again wilfully resisted the influences and warnings of the Holy Ghost, and have made themselves incapable of repentance, and consequently of pardon.

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