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What is a Birthdays?
     The custom of making a feast in anniversary of a birth is very ancient. We find reference to it in Gen 40:20. In regard to the custom in Egypt, Wilkinson tells us: "The birthdays of the kings were celebrated with great pomp. They were looked upon as holy, no business was done upon them, and all classes indulged in the festivities suitable to the occasion. Every Egyptian attached much importance to the day, even to the hour, of his birth." But the Jews, probably on this very account, "regarded their observance as an idolatrous custom." "The day of our king," spoken of in Hos 7:5, was probably his birthday. It was upon Herod's birthday that John Baptist was beheaded. Matt 14:6-10. The fact that the Herodian family observed birthdays would be an additional grievance on the part of the Jews.

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