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What is Betonim?
        , a town in Gad. Josh 13:26. BETROTH' Deut 28:30. A man and woman were betrothed or espoused each to the other when they were engaged to be married. It is giving one's troth -- i.e. faith or promise -- to marry at a future time. Among the Jews this relation was usually determined by the parents or brothers, without consulting the parties until they came to be betrothed. The engagement took place very early, though it was not consummated by actual marriage until the spouse was at least twelve years of age. The betrothing was performed a twelvemonth or more before the marriage, either in writing or by a piece of silver given to the espoused before witnesses. During the interval, however, from the time of espousals to the marriage, the woman was considered as the lawful wife of the man to whom she was betrothed; nor could the engagement be ended by the man without a bill of divorce; nor could she be unfaithful without being considered an adulteress. See Marriage.

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