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Who is Benjamin?
        (son of the right hand, i. e. of fortune). 1. The youngest son of Jacob and Rachel. His mother died immediately after his birth, which took place near Bethlehem when the family were on their journey from Padan-aram to Canaan, With her dying breath she called him Ben-oni (the son of my sorrow), but his father gave him the name he bore. Gen 35:16-18. The relation between him and Jacob was ever most tender, particularly after Joseph's supposed death. We know, however, nothing about him personally. The tribe formed from his descendants exhibited the traits of courage, cunning, and ambition foretold by the dying Jacob. Gen 49:27. It had its portion of the Promised Land adjoining Judah; and when ten of the tribes revolted, Benjamin continued steadfast in its attachment to Judah, and formed a part of that kingdom. 1 Kgs 12:17, Heb 12:23. Saul, the first king, and Paul were descendants of this tribe. 1 Sam 10:21; Phil 3:5. 1. A Benjamite chief. Phil 1 Chr, 7:10. 2. One who had a foreign wife. Ezr 10:32.

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