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What is a Bee?
     Deut 1:44. The honeybee is probably the only species alluded to in the Bible. They must have been very numerous in Canaan, as honey was a common article of food, 1 Kgs 14:3; Ps 81:16; Song of Solomon 5:1; Isa 7:15, and commerce. Eze 27:17. The disposition of bees to take vengeance on any one who disturbs their hive is alluded to in Ps 118:12. Isa 7:18 doubtless finds its explanation "in the custom of the people in the East of attracting the attention of any one by a significant hiss, or rather hist." Zech 10:8. We read, Jud 14:8, that "after a time," probably many days, Samson returned to the carcass of the lion he had slain, and saw bees and honey therein. "If any one here represents to himself a corrupt and putrid carcass, the occurrence ceases to have any true similitude, for it is well known that in these countries, at certain seasons of the year, the heat will in the course of twenty-four hours so completely dry up the moisture of dead camels, and that, without their undergoing decomposition, their bodies long remain like mummies, unaltered and entirely free from offensive odor."--Oedmann. Wild bees often deposited their honey in hollow trees or the clefts of rocks. Ps 81:16; 1 Sam 14:25-27. See Honey.

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