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Who is Barzillai?
        (of iron, i. e. strong) was a wealthy Gileadite, and a fast friend of David when he was in exile on account of Absalom's revolt. 2 Sam 17:27. After the rebellion had been suppressed, Barzillai, on account of age, and probably also from natural and proper pride, declined David's offer to be a resident of the court, but proposed his son Chimham should go instead. 2 Sam 19:31-40. David, in his final charge to Solomon, enjoined it upon him to show kindness to Barzillai's family, and even to make them members of the royal household. 1 Kgs 2:7. 1. The Meholathite, father-in-law of Michal, Saul's daughter. 2 Sam 21:8. 2. The husband of a daughter of Barzillai the Gileadite, whose descendants returned from Babylon, but in vain sought admittance to the priesthood. Ezr 2:61; Neh 7:63, Neh 7:64.

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