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Who is Baruch?
        (blessed). 1. The secretary of the prophet Jeremiah, was of a distinguished Jewish family. Jer 32:12. His friendship for Jeremiah was strong and constant. At his dictation Baruch wrote his prophecies. These he read before the princes, who rehearsed them to Jehoiakim, the king, having previously deposited the writing in one of the offices of the temple. The king ordered the writing to be read in his presence, and he became so much exasperated that he destroyed the manuscripts and gave orders to arrest both the prophet and his secretary, but they had concealed themselves. Jehovah, however, repeated the prophecies to Jeremiah, with some additions, and a second time did Baruch write them down. Baruch was falsely accused of influencing Jeremiah in favor of the Chaldaeans, and they were both imprisoned until the capture of Jerusalem, b. c. 586. They were afterward forced to go down to Egypt. Jer 43:6-7. 2. The name of three other persons, otherwise unknown. Neh 3:20; Neh 10:6; Neh 11:5.

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