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Who is Barnabas?
        (son of consolation), a Levite of the island of Cyprus, and an early convert to the Christian faith. Acts 4:36. His original name was Joses, but he derived his usual title from his remarkable powers of exhorting the people and ministering consolation to the afflicted. Barnabas was one of those who gave up all their worldly substance and all their strength and influence to the support and spread of the gospel. He introduced Paul to the disciples on the latter's visit to Jerusalem, three years after his conversion. Acts 9:27. Afterward he brought Paul from Tarsus to Antioch, and they labored for two years together with great success. Acts 11:25, Acts 11:26. They attended together the council of Jerusalem. Acts 15:22; Gal 2:1. Afterward they separated, and Barnabas went on an independent missionary-tour with Mark. Acts 15:1-41. Some ascribe to him the Epistle to the Hebrews. We have under his name an epistle, which, however, is of doubtful genuineness.

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