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What is Barley?
     Ex 9:31. A well-known species of grain used for bread, Jud 7:13; John 6:9-13, and also as food for horses and dromedaries. 1 Kgs 4:28. Barley-harvest, Ruth 1:22, usually comes in April -- earlier at Jericho, later on the hills. It precedes wheat-harvest about three weeks in Palestine and a month in Egypt. As human food barley was held in low estimation, which adds significance to the connection between Gideon and the barley-cake in the dream which the man told "his fellow." Jud 7:13. "If the Midianites were accustomed in their extemporaneous songs to call Gideon and his band 'eaters of barley bread,' as their successors, the haughty Bedouins, often do to ridicule their enemies, the application would be all the more natural." -- Thomson. The same fact adds force to Eze 13:19, and elucidates Hos 3:2 and Num 5:15.

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