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Who is Baana?
        (sun of affliction). 1. One of the sons of Rimmon, and an officer in the army of Ishbosheth, Saul's son. In company with his brother Rechab, he entered the house of Ish-bosheth at noonday and stabbed him as he was lying upon the bed. Taking the head of their victim with them, they fled to David at Hebron, supposing that he would reward them liberally, but, so far from it, he, indignant at their cruel and cowardly conduct, caused them to be slain, their hands and feet to be cut off, and their bodies to be publicly suspended over the pool at Hebron. 2 Sam 4:2, 2 Sam 4:5-6,Gal 1:9. 2, The father of one of David's warriors. 2 Sam 23:29; 1 Chr 11:30. 3, 4. Two of Solomon's ofiicers for provision. 1 Kgs 4:12, Ex 17:16. 1. One of Zerubbabel's company on the Return. Ezr 2:2; Neh 7:7. 2. The father of a repairer of the wall of Jerusalem. Neh 3:4. Probably also mentioned in Neh 10:27 as sealing the covenant.

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