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bathsheba in Easton's Bible Dictionary

BATH-SHEBA (BATHSHEBA). Daughter of the oath, or of seven, called also Bath-shu'a (1 Chr. 3:5), was the daughter of Eliam (2 Sam. 11:3) or Ammiel (1 Chr. 3:5), and wife of Uriah the Hittite. David committed adultery with her (2 Sam. 11:4, 5; Ps. 51:1). The child born in adultery died (2 Sam. 12:15-19). After her husband was slain (11:15) she was married to David (11:27), and became the mother of Solomon (12:24; 1 Kings 1:11; 2:13). She took a prominent part in securing the succession of Solomon to the throne (1 Kings 1:11, 16-21).

bathsheba in Smith's Bible Dictionary

BATH-SHEBA (BATHSHEBA)(daughter of the oath), #2Sa 11:3| etc., also called Bath-shua in #1Ch 3:5| the daughter of Eliam, #2Sa 11:3| or Ammiel, #1Ch 3:5| the son of Ahithophel, #2Sa 23:34| and wife of Uriah the Hittite. (B.C. 1035.) The child which was the fruit of her adulterous intercourse with David died; but after marriage she became the mother of four sons, Solomon, #Mt 1:6| Shimea, Shobab and Nathan. When Adonijah attempted to set aside the succession promised to Solomon, Bath-sheba informed the king of the conspiracy. #1Ki 1:11,15,23| After the accession of Solomon, she, as queen-mother, requested permission of her son for Adonijah to take in marriage Abishag the Shunammite. #1Ki 2:21-25|

bathsheba in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

BATH-SHE'BA (daughter of the oath), the daughter of Eliam, 2 Sam 11:3, otherwise called Ammiel, 1 Chr 3:5, Ahithophel's son, 2 Sam 23:34. She became the wife of Uriah, an officer in David's army. Her beauty proved a snare to David, for he not only committed adultery with her, but treacherously procured the death of her injured husband. 2 Sam 11:1-27. The child of this intercourse died. When the days of mourning were accomplished, David married her, and she afterward bore him three sons besides Solomon. When Adonijah attempted to seize the throne, Bath-sheba told the king at the instigation of Nathan. 1 Kgs 1:15. It was to her as queen-mother that Adonijah went with the request for the hand of Abishag. 1 Kgs 2:13-22. See Adonijah.

bathsheba in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

BATHSHEBA or BATH SHUA (a Canaanite name, Genesis 38:2; Genesis 38:12; 1 Chronicles 2:3) Ahithophel, her grandfather. Eliam or Ammiel (1 Chronicles 3:5), one of David's officers, was her father. (See AHITHOPHEL.) Uriah, being a brother officer, formed an intimacy which ended in his marrying Eliam's daughter. David committed adultery with her, and caused her husband's murder (2 Samuel 11; 2 Samuel 23:34; 2 Samuel 23:39). Mother of Solomon, whose mind she helped much to mold; also of Shimea (or Shammua), Shobab, and Nathan (1 Chronicles 3:5). Nathan and Solomon were both ancestors of the Lord Jesus (Luke 3:31; Matthew 1:6). Her strength of intellect, kindness and influence over David and her son, appear in 1 Kings 1:11-31; 1 Kings 2:13-21. She is said by tradition to have composed Proverbs 31 as an admonition to Solomon on his marriage to Pharaoh's daughter.