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        BATH-SHEBA (BATHSHEBA)(daughter of the oath), 2Sa 11:3 etc., also called Bath-shua in 1Ch 3:5 the daughter of Eliam, 2Sa 11:3 or Ammiel, 1Ch 3:5 the son of Ahithophel, 2Sa 23:34 and wife of Uriah the Hittite. (B.C. 1035.) The child which was the fruit of her adulterous intercourse with David died; but after marriage she became the mother of four sons, Solomon, Mt 1:6 Shimea, Shobab and Nathan. When Adonijah attempted to set aside the succession promised to Solomon, Bath-sheba informed the king of the conspiracy. 1Ki 1:11,15,23 After the accession of Solomon, she, as queen-mother, requested permission of her son for Adonijah to take in marriage Abishag the Shunammite. 1Ki 2:21-25

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