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flint in Easton's Bible Dictionary

abounds in all the plains and valleys of the wilderness of the forty years' wanderings. In Isa. 50:7 and Ezek. 3:9 the expressions, where the word is used, means that the "Messiah would be firm and resolute amidst all contempt and scorn which he would meet; that he had made up his mind to endure it, and would not shrink from any kind or degree of suffering which would be necessary to accomplish the great work in which he was engaged." (Compare Ezek. 3:8, 9.) The words "like a flint" are used with reference to the hoofs of horses (Isa. 5:28).

flint in Smith's Bible Dictionary

a well-known stone, a variety of quartz. It is extremely hard, and strikes fire. It was very abundant in and about Israel.

flint in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

FLINT , a hard and well-known stone very abundant in Palestine and adjacent districts, Ps 114:8. The figurative use of the word in Deut 32:13 represents the great abundance of oil, and in Isa 50:7 and Eze 3:9 it is used to denote firmness and constancy.