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amos 6:8 The Lord God has sworn by Himself, the LORD God of hosts has declared: "I loathe the arrogance of Jacob, And I detest his citadels; Therefore, I will deliver up [the] city and all it contains."

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      8. the excellency of Jacob-- (Ps 47:4). The sanctuary which was the great glory of the covenant-people [VATABLUS], (Eze 24:21). The priesthood, and kingdom, and dignity, conferred on them by God. These, saith God, are of no account in My eyes towards averting punishment [CALVIN].
      hate his palaces--as being the storehouses of "robbery" (Am 3:10, 15). How sad a change from God's love of Zion's gates (Ps 87:2) and palaces (Ps 48:3, 13), owing to the people's sin!
      the city--collectively: both Zion and Samaria (Am 6:1).
      all that is therein--literally, "its fulness"; the multitude of men and of riches in it (compare Ps 24:1).


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