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weasel in Easton's Bible Dictionary

(Heb. holedh), enumerated among unclean animals (Lev. 11:29). Some think that this Hebrew word rather denotes the mole (Spalax typhlus) common in Israel. There is no sufficient reason, however, to depart from the usual translation. The weasel tribe are common also in Israel.

weasel in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(choled) occurs only in #Le 11:29| in the list of unclean animals; but the Hebrew word ought more probably to be translated "mole." Moles are common in Israel.

weasel in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

WEA'SEL , generally agreed to mean the mole. See Mole. Lev 11:29.

weasel in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

So the Mishna interprets choled (Leviticus 11:29), as meaning an animal that glides or slips away. So Septuagint and Vulgate But Bochart takes it as related to the Arabic chuld, "the mole"; chephar is the more usual Hebrew for the mole (Isaiah 2:20). The choled was unclean.