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SWEAR'ING , VOICE OF. Lev 5:1. The import of this expression in the Hebrew is "hear the voice of adjuration, execration, oath, or curse" - i.e., hear this voice when one is adjured or put upon his oath as a witness in court. The precept relates to the case of one who is summoned to give evidence before the civil magistrate. Judges among the Jews had power to adjure not only the witnesses, but the persons suspected, as appears from the high priest's adjuring our 'Saviour, who thereupon answered, though he had before been silent. Matt 26:63. If a person "heard the voice of swearing " - i.e., if he were adjured by an oath of the Lord to testify what he knew in relation to any matter of fact in question, and yet, through fear or favor, refused to give evidence or gave it but in part - he was to "bear his iniquity." It seems to be implied that such a one should be considered in the sight of God as guilty of the transgression which he has thus endeavored to conceal.