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sponge in Easton's Bible Dictionary

occurs only in the narrative of the crucifixion (Matt. 27:48; Mark 15:36; John 19:29). It is ranked as a zoophyte. It is found attached to rocks at the bottom of the sea.

sponge in Smith's Bible Dictionary

a soft, porous marine substance. Sponges were for a long time supposed to be plants, but are now considered by the best naturalists to belong to the animal kingdom. Sponge is mentioned only in the New Testament. #Mt 27:48; Mr 15:36; Joh 19:29| The commercial value of the sponge was known from very early times; and although there appears to be no notice of it in the Old Testament, yet it is probable that it was used by the ancient Hebrews, who could readily have obtained it good from the Mediterranean, where it was principally found.

sponge in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SPONGE , a submarine substance, composed of fibres interwoven in a surprising manner, and surrounded by thin membranes, which arrange themselves in a cellular form. Matt 27:48. It absorbs a great quantity of fluid, and parts with it upon a strong pressure. Drink could be easily conveyed in this form where cups could not be used. This substance is inhabited by animals, like the coral, who use the openings of the sponge to suck in and throw out water.

sponge in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Matthew 27:48; Mark 15:36; John 19:29; Psalm 69:21. Found on rocks in deep water in the Levant and the parts of the Mediterranean which wash the Grecian Isles.