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socho in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a fence; hedge, (1 Chr. 4:18; R.V., Soco)=So'choh (1 Kings 4:10; R.V., Socoh), Sho'choh (1 Sam. 17:1; R.V., Socoh), Sho'co (2 Chr. 11:7; R.V., Soco), Sho'cho (2 Chr. 28:18; R.V., Soco), a city in the plain or lowland of Judah, where the Philistines encamped when they invaded Judah after their defeat at Michmash. It lay on the northern side of the valley of Elah (Wady es-Sunt). It has been identified with the modern Khurbet Shuweikeh, about 14 miles south-west of Jerusalem. In this campaign Goliath was slain, and the Philistines were completely routed.

socho in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(bushy). #1Ch 4:18| Probably one of the towns called Socoh, in Judah, though which of the two cannot be ascertained.

socho in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SO'CHO , and SO'CHOH (branches). 1 Chr 4:18; 1 Kgs 4:10. See Socoh.

socho in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. 1 Chronicles 4:18. Heber was "father," founder, or colonist of Socho in the low hill region of Judah. Now Shuweikeh, in the western part of the low hills of Judah, on the southern slope of the wady Sumt, nearly half a mile above the bed of the wady, a natural terrace, green in spring, dotted with grey ruins. SOCHOH in 1 Kings 4:10. SOCOH in Joshua 15:35. Between Socho and Azekah the Philistines were posted for the battle wherein Goliath fell (1 Samuel 17:1). Rehoboam fortified it after the disruption (2 Chronicles 11:7). Taken by the Philistines in Ahaz' reign (2 Chronicles 28:18). 2. Also in Judah; now Shuweibeh (Joshua 15:48), ten miles S.W. of Hebron.