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sin, wilderness of in Easton's Bible Dictionary

lying between Elim and sinai (Ex. 16:1; compare Num. 33:11, 12). This was probably the narrow plain of el-Markha, which stretches along the eastern shore of the Red Sea for several miles toward the promontory of Ras Mohammed, the southern extremity of the Sinitic Peninsula. While the Israelites rested here for some days they began to murmur on account of the want of nourishment, as they had by this time consumed all the corn they had brought with them out of Egypt. God heard their murmurings, and gave them "manna" and then quails in abundance.

sin, wilderness of in Smith's Bible Dictionary

a tract of the wilderness which the Israelites reached after leaving the encampment by the Red Sea. #Nu 33:11,23| Their next halting-place, #Ex 16:1; 17:1| was Rephidim, probably the Wady Feiran [REPHIDIM]; on which supposition it would follow that Sin must lie between that way and the coast of the Gulf of Suez, and of course west of Sinai. In the wilderness of Sin the manna was first gathered, and those who adopt the supposition that this was merely the natural product of the tarfa bush find from the abundance of that shrub in Wady es-Sheikh, southeast of Wady Ghurundel, a proof of local identity.

sin, wilderness of in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Which Israel reached after leaving the encampment by the Red Sea (Numbers 33:11). Their next stage was Rephidim. frontEXODUS.) Exodus 16:1; Exodus 17:1. Sin wilderness is the desert sandstone tract, Debbet er Ramleh, extending across the peninsula from wady Nasb in a S.E. direction between the limestone district of et Tih and the granite of the central formation, Sinai. The journey from Elim, or even from the Red Sea, could be performed in a day. The Egyptians working the copper mines at Sarbut el Khadim would keep the route in good order. Israel moved by detachments; and only at the wilderness of Sin "all the congregation" assembled for the first time. (See PARAN.) Distinct from the wilderness of Zin. frontSIN (1).)