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shuhite in Easton's Bible Dictionary

a designation of Bildad (Job 2:11), probably because he was a descendant of Shuah.

shuhite in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(decendant of Shuah). This ethnic appellative "Shuhite" is frequent in the book of Job, but only as the apithet of one person, Bildad The local indications of this book point to a region on the western side of Chaldea, bordering on Arabia; and exactly in this locality, above Hit and on both sides of the Euphrates, are found, in the Assyrian inscriptions, the Tsahi, a powerful people. It is probable that these were the Shuhites.

shuhite in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SHU'HITE . See Shuam, 1.

shuhite in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Bildad, in Job 2:11. On the W. of Chaldaea, bordering on Arabia. Above Hit, on both sides of the Euphrates, occur in Assyrian inscriptions the Tsukhi, a powerful people. Conquered by Babylon they are counted by Ezekiel among the Chaldaean tribes. Descended from Shuah (1). Sohene in the Peutingerian tables designates the country on the Euphrates immediately above Babylonia.