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shobach in Easton's Bible Dictionary

poured out, the "captain of the host of Hadarezer" when he mustered his vassals and tributaries from beyond "the river Euphrates" (2 Sam. 10:15-18); called also Shophach (1 Chr. 19:16).

shobach in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(expansion), the general of Hadarezer king of the Syrians of Zoba, who was defeated by David. #2Sa 10:15-18| In #1Ch 19:16| he is called SHOPHACH. (B.C. 1034.)

shobach in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SHO'BACH (pouring). 1. The general of Hadarezer, king of the Syrians of Zoba. David defeated and slew him. 2 Sam 10:15-18. In 1 Chr 19:16, 1 Chr 19:18 he is called Shophach.

shobach in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

General of Hadarezer, king of the Syrians of Zoba. Commanded the army brought from beyond Euphrates after Syria's and Ammon's defeat before Rabbah. David crossed Jordan and defeated Shobach at Helam. Shobach fell on the battle field. SHOPHACH in 1 Chronicles 19:16.