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shoa in Easton's Bible Dictionary

opulent, the mountain district lying to the NE of Babylonia, anciently the land of the Guti, or Kuti, the modern Kurdistan. The plain lying between these mountains and the Tigris was called su-Edina, i.e., "the border of the plain." This name was sometimes shortened into Suti and Su, and has been regarded as = Shoa (Ezek. 23:23). Some think it denotes a place in Babylon. (See PEKOD T0002883.)

shoa in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(rich), a proper name which occurs only in #Eze 23:23| in connection with Pekod and Koa. The three apparently designate districts of Assyria with which the southern kingdom of Judah has been intimately connected, and which were to be arrayed against it for punishment.

shoa in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SHO'A (opulent). Eze 23:23. Whether this is the name of a place, as Palmer suggests, or merely a title, is uncertain. Ewald renders it "crying;" Keil renders it "noble;" and the former takes it to be the name of some Chaldaean tribe.

shoa in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

Ezekiel 23:23 ("rich".) (See PEKOD; KOA.) Symbolical name for Babylon. Smith's Bible Dictionary takes it as a proper name, upon the sound of which Ezekiel plays. Pliny mentions a "Sue" in the rocky region W. of the Orontes range, near Gaugamela. Shua in Chaldee means "rock."