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shiggaion Summary and Overview

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shiggaion in Easton's Bible Dictionary

from the verb shagah, "to reel about through drink," occurs in the title of Ps. 7. The plural form, shigionoth, is found in Hab. 3:1. The word denotes a lyrical poem composed under strong mental emotion; a song of impassioned imagination accompanied with suitable music; a dithyrambic ode.

shiggaion in Smith's Bible Dictionary

#Ps 7:1| a particular kind of psalm, the specific character of which is now not known perhaps a "wild, mournful ode."

shiggaion in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SHIGGA'ION . Ps 7, title. It probably means a dithyrambic ode, erratio - i. e., wild and mournful.

shiggaion in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

From shaagah, "erred." An erratic melody betokening excitement and agitation (Ewald). Hengstenberg refers it to the subject of the psalms, "the aberrations of the wicked" (Habakkuk 3:1). In consonance with this the Hebrew root of Shiggaion occurs in Saul's address to David (1 Samuel 26:21), "behold I have played the fool and erred exceedingly" (compare Psalm 119:21; Psalm 119:118). Psalm 7 refers to David's being accused by Saul (the Benjamite, Cush the Ethiopian unchangeably black at heart toward David: Jeremiah 13:23; Amos 9:7; Cush similar to Kish, Saul's father) of plotting evil against him, whereas he returned good for evil in sparing Saul his deadly foe, when in his power (1 Samuel 24:7); "concerning the words" i.e. on account of the calumnies which men uttered against David to ingratiate themselves with the king, and which Saul gave ear to (1 Samuel 24:9; 1 Samuel 26:19). These David rebuts (Psalm 7:3-5).