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shemeber in Easton's Bible Dictionary

soaring on high, the king of Zeboiim, who joined with the other kings in casting off the yoke of Chedorlaomer. After having been reconquered by him, he was rescued by Abraham (Gen. 14:2).

shemeber in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(lofty flight), king of Zeboim, and ally of the king of Sodom when he was attacked by Chedorlaomer. (B.C. 1912.)

shemeber in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SHEM'EBER (lofty flight), one of the allies who were attacked by Chedorlaonier. Gen 14:2.

shemeber in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

King of Zeboim; ally of the king of Sodom, when attacked by Chedorlaomer.