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shemariah in Easton's Bible Dictionary

whom Jehovah guards. (1.) One who joined David at Ziklag (1 Chr. 12:5). (2.) Ezra 10:32, 41.

shemariah in Smith's Bible Dictionary

(kept by Jehovah). 1. A Benjamite warrior who came to David at Ziklag. #1Ch 12:5| (B.C. 1054.) 2. One of the family of Harim, a lay man of Israel who put away his foreign wife in the time of Ezra. #Ezr 10:32| (B.C. 658.) 3. Another who did the same. #Ezr 10:41|

shemariah in Schaff's Bible Dictionary

SHEMARI'AH (whom Jehovah keeps). 1. One of David's soldiers at Ziklag. 1 Chr 12:5. 2, 3. Two who had foreign wives. Ezr 10:32, 1 Chr 4:41.

shemariah in Fausset's Bible Dictionary

1. 1 Chronicles 12:5. 2. Ezra 10:32. 3. Ezra 10:41.